Rendering of Irwindale Gold Line station and transit center from overhead with mountains in background Irwindale leaders and Foothill Extension personnel celebrate new station in front of billboard
Rendering of Irwindale Gold Line station and transit center from overhead with mountains in background Irwindale leaders and Foothill Extension personnel celebrate new station in front of billboard

Irwindale Construction News

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Community Hotline: (626) 324-7098

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Azusa:1300 W. Optical Drive, Suite 500, Azusa, CA 91702
Hours: Mondays through Friday:  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Irwindale Station

The Irwindale Station is part of the future Foothill Extension from Pasadena to Azusa, currently underway. The station will be located east of Irwindale Avenue and is accessed via Avenida Padilla Street. The side platform station will have tracks in the middle and will have entrances to the platform from both the west and east.

A 350-space parking facility will be provided west of the station, between Irwindale Avenue and the Miller Brewery, and south of Montoya Street.  Bicycle parking and lockers are also planned.

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Future Plans

During 2006-7, the Construction Authority worked with the City of Irwindale (along with all other Phase 2A and 2B cities) to explore their vision for integrating transit oriented development (TOD) into their future planning. As the Construction Authority and city begin a new dialogue through the 2010 TOD study just underway, new information will be added to this site.

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About Irwindale

In the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, just 20 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles, Irwindale is a spacious, vibrant and thriving business community. It is situated in the midst of one of the world's most productive regions and bounded by the 210 (Foothill) and 605 (San Gabriel) freeways. Due in large part to its ease of access, Irwindale is the home to over 700 businesses, including major satellite offices and headquarters for some of the most well-known companies in the nation, including Ready Pac Produce, Miller Brewing and Charter Communications.

The City is known as "Jardin de Roca," Spanish for "Garden of Rocks" because of the high quality of rock and gravel found there. Almost every highway in the State of California, and many highways west of the Mississippi River, have Irwindale rock as part of their foundation.

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About the Artist

Robin Brailsford believes her role as a public artist is "to discover the potential in people, places and things, and then to help them realize that potential."

Brailsford is the inventor and patent holder of LithoMosaic, where vast mosaics are cast within monolithic concrete pours. The technique lends the color and beauty of mosaic to the scale and durability of traditional concrete. Working with her partner, Wick Alexander, and a large design team, she is just finishing an urban centerpiece for the City of Lemon Grove, CA, utilizing LithoMosaic, alternative energy and all things "Pioneer Modern."

Over the past 30 years, Brailsford Public Art has successfully completed award-winning civic, environmental and transit-oriented public art for local, state and federal agencies throughout the Pacific Southwest.

For more information on previous and current projects by this artist, visit LithoMosaics on Facebook and:

Title for Station Artwork

Pioneros de la Rivera de San Gabriel

Statement for Station Artwork

Irwindale is a true individual in the panoply that is the Los Angeles Basin. The more artist Robin Bralsford learned about the city's history, the more she began to covet the exceptional opportunity to create a new destination and amenity for the City of Irwindale.

Approximately three hundred and fifty families live in Irwindale today. Incredibly, the vast majority are related to the original Sonoratown pioneros (founders). Today, citizens enjoy a life where relatives live next door and a short walk to the library, city hall and plaza. In 1856, when Don Gregorio Fraijo and his friend Facundo Ayon, chose this overlooked shore of a river (named for the Archangel) for their new life, there was only plentiful hard scrabble and seasonal, albeit distant, water. They and their descendents went on to build a community, and then a legacy, of truly unique achievements: the first Spanish-speaking Protestant Church in the United States; the first Spanish-speaking City Council in the United States; and then a very real story of economic transformation.

The heirs of the Ayons and the Fraijos changed the ubiquitous ‘sal and pimienta’ river cobble of their town, unwanted by all others in 1856, into the gold of the 21st century. Quarries now maintain and protect the community’s integrity, identity and bottom line. The artwork for the Metro Gold Line Irwindale station will celebrate these accomplishments and will honor the entrepreneurial spirit of the current businesses, citizens and heirs of the original “Pioneros de la Rivera de San Gabriel.”

All the last names of all the citizens from the city’s centennial survey will be included in railings leading to and from the platforms. The names offer clues to the community and the neighborhoods, the quarry workers and the times. Names representing a diverse base of ethnic origins from all over the world are present.

"Axis Mundi," a song for Irwindale, has been written to capture the ancient history of these people and their ancestors, to acknowledge the unique geology that makes Irwindale what she is now and was then, and offers a peaceful and inclusive view of the world around the Irwindale station. It will be set in the guard rail sections of both platforms, can be read as a round, or front to back or back to front, and serves as a foreground to the landscape and city around it.

The reference to the alluvial fans and family trees are blended into one abstracted image that denotes the similar growth patterns and relationship of each to the other. The tree (sprouts) are green and the river blue. Like a snowflake, flowing river or a growing family, each individual paver is unique – and fun to create and discover. The long diagonals in the paving will become a dynamic element for passengers on the accelerating and decelerating trains.

Irwindale Construction Outlook

Construction is underway on the Pasadena to Azusa Extension and is scheduled to be completed in September 2015, when it will be turned over to Metro for testing and pre-revenue service. The city of Irwindale will feature the Irwindale Gold Line station and a 350-space parking facility. Irwindale Ave at Adelante Street will be reconfigured to a four-way, signalized intersection as part of the station and parking construction. The following construction activities will take place in Irwindale over the next few years:*

Notes: Schedule is designed to avoid concurrent adjacent road closures.


Irwindale (Side Platforms): Station construction began in early 2014 and will be ongoing through March 2015. The 350-space parking facility and associated intersection improvements at Irwindale Ave and Adelante Street began in October 2013 and will continue through June 2015.


Light rail track installation began in late 2013 and will continue through 2014.


Walls and drainage installation began in late 2013 and will continue through 2014.

San Gabriel River Bridge

Construction of the 700-foot long San Gabriel River Bridge structure began in March 2013 and was completed in October 2013. Work continues on top of the bridge through May 2014.

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* Dates are approximate. Construction schedules are subject to change