Ontario Airport Extension

Ontario Airport Extension

The Ontario Airport Extension will extend the Gold Line approximately eight miles – from Montclair to Ontario – and terminate the line at the LA/Ontario International Airport.

Although not formally part of the Foothill Extension project, the Construction Authority completed a study to understand the feasibility of extending the line from Montclair to the airport in 2008. This initial study concluded that extending the line was feasible and provided a number of potential route options.

Under current requirements set forth by the Federal Transit Administration, it can take over a decade for a transit project to go from inception to completion. This initial study was the first step in this lengthy process that includes a detailed analysis of alternatives, environmental review and preliminary engineering.

Through these steps, a better understanding of the project cost, environmental issues, and potential ridership would be gained. Unlike the segments from Los Angeles to Montclair, the right-of-way from Montclair to the LA/Ontario International Airport has not already been purchased.

Funding for the Ontario Airport Extension has not been identified, and a timeline for project completion is uncertain. The Construction Authority will be starting the next required study for the project – the Alternatives Analysis – in 2014. This two-year study will result in the selection of a preferred alternative, that will then go through environmental review.

A 10-month Strategic Planning Study was conducted in 2007-2008 to study the feasibility of extending the Foothill Extension from its planned terminus in Montclair eight more miles to LA/Ontario International Airport. The study, which considered different route options, station locations, ridership potential, cost and more, concluded that it would be feasible to connect to the airport and provided a number of feasible route options to make the final connection.

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This Strategic Planning Study was the first step in a lengthy process set forth by the Federal Transit Administration. The next step - a multi-year study to evaluate the alternative routes and mode options (train, bus, etc.) in greater detail - is called an “Alternatives Analysis.” This study will result in identifying the phase’s Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA), which will include a preferred route, mode choice, station locations, and more. The LPA will then move forward for environmental review and clearance and preliminary engineering. The Alternatives Analysis process will begin in 2014.



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